Tsuyukami sitting

Gender Male
Manga Debut Chapter 02
Anime Debut Episode 02
Voice Actor Takeshi Aono
Book of Friends
Listed Yes
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Tsuyukami was a youkai who many people in the past considered the God of Dew.


Tsuyukami's size depends very much on his worshipers. The more there are, the larger in size he would be, with human size being the maximum. But with only the single support of one human, Hana, he is now palm-sized.

He wears traditional Japanese clothing with a red cap. He wears a white mask that has a mustache upon it.


He always speaks in the soft tone and likes to watch the weather.


He was filled with spirit energy for every person who gave prayer to him. In the past, there were many of these worshipers, but over the years, less and less people prayed to him. Reiko, after their duel, told him that his fame would not last forever and naturally, she was right.


The only person that kept visiting him until her death was a woman named Hana, the only human he spoke to. He also received peaches and prayers from her until she finally passed away.

When she died, his power was completely gone and he disappeared.


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  • His name was in the Yuujinchou.