Touko Fujiwara (藤原 塔子, Fujiwara Touko) is a recurring character from the series, Natsume's Book of Friends.

She and her husband, Shigeru are distant relatives of Natsume who adopted him and now raise him in their home at the countryside.

Natsume keeps his ability to see youkai a secret from the Fujiwaras, fearing that this knowledge would get them involved in the world of youkai and bring them harm.

Touko and Shigeru are aware that there are many things that Natsume is not yet comfortable sharing with them but choose not to pry. They assure Natsume that they consider him a part of their family, and want to make their home a place where he feels that he belongs.


Touko is a middle-aged woman with dark brown hair and eyes. She ties her hair back in a bun. She is always seen in a pink, long-sleeved apron with a collared shirt underneath.


She is a kind and caring person. Initially, without even knowing much about Natsume, she had cared about him.

Touko is attracted to children as she can't have any of her own. Touko is a very mother-like figure to Takashi and often asks him what he'd like for dinner.

Towards Shigeru, her husband, she is very attached to him to the point where she constantly thinks about him. In season 5, she stated that if they were to be completely apart from each other, she wouldn't know what to do and would worry about him.


Unable to bear children, the Fujiwara family had always consisted of just Touko and Shigeru. She had always enjoyed her peaceful, happy times together with Shigeru even though she does feel lonely at times.

Young Fujiwaras

Fujiwara couple in their younger years

When she first met Natsume, she explained that she was his father's distant relative and that he could live together with her if he wanted.[1]

She and Shigeru visited Natsume at the hospital after he had sealed a youkai near his a relative's house and they offered him a place to stay, assuring him that he could leave at any time. Natsume, overcome with emotion, accepted their proposal.



Shigeru Fujiwara

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Takashi Natsume

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