The Dew-God's Small Shrine

The Dew-God's Small Shrine

Tsuyukami no Hokora
Air Date July 14, 2008
Episode 2
Adapted From Chapter 02
Opening Song Issei no Sei
Ending Song Natsu Yuuzora
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The Dew-God's Small Shrine is the second episode of the Natsume Yuujinchou anime. It first aired on July 14, 2008.


Natsume is visited by the Dew God who is currently fading because of the lack of devotees. He asks Natsume to return his name.

After finding out that the Dew God's name is stuck to another youkai's, Natsume tries to pull the two papers apart. This causes the Dew God to stretch and make weird movements in which Madara reminds Natsume that if he ripped the two papers apart, it would cause great pain for the two youkai whose names were written on it. Natsume tells the Dew God to come another time as he is busy.

On the way to the Dew God's shrine, Natsume meets a nice old lady by the name of Hana. After exchanging a few words, they part ways, Madara sensing something is wrong with the woman.

At the shrine, the Dew God is sitting on a peach. He used to be as tall as an average human but now due to the lack of devotees, he shrunk. The last person to worship him is Hana who has been very sick for a long time.

Later, the Dew God helps Natsume find the youkai whose name is written on the other paper stuck to the Dew God's. He returns both their names before leaving.

The next day, Natsume visits the Dew God with a bag of peaches to find the Dew God fading. Hana, his last devotee, passed away.

Characters Appearance


  • After spitted out his soup, surprise at seeing Tsuyukami, it is not known whether Natsume finishes the dish in front of him.
  • In the manga, the fruit is an orange instead of a peach.[1]



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