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The Bound Ones

The Bound Ones

Kanji 縛られしもの
Romaji Shibarareshi Mono
Air Date May 9, 2017
Episode 68
Adapted From Chapter 61 & Chapter 62
Opening Song Furōria
Ending Song Kimi no Uta
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The Bound Ones is the sixty-eighth episode of the Natsume Yuujinchou anime. It is the fifth episode of Natsume Yuujinchou Roku which is the sixth season of the anime.


The youkai that had grabbed Natsume at the end of the previous episode (Episode 67) is revealed to be one of Takuma's old familiars. The 'maid' from before, Ginro, arrives and saves Natsume, even though Madara was about to fight the youkai. She said that she didn't save Natsume for the sake of him but rather she didn't want anyone to be hurt on their master's premises.

Shortly after, Natsume and Natori encounter another youkai who was also trying desperately to enter the house. All the three youkai are then said to be Takuma's former familiars, from the time when he was still an exorcist.

It's also discovered that Tsukiko was the one that put up the talismans up when two familiars were outside. They believed it was because they were weak and Takuma had been angry at them, thus, banishing them from the house which was clearly not the case.

Natsume, with his extremely powerful spiritual power, has the ability to perform the Ritual of Release in place of Takuma and releasing the spirits from being bound.

After drawing the Release circle and luring the spirits in, the youkai plead to Takuma to see them once again. However, he's unable to hear them and can't sense their presence either.

Natsume releases the two youkai from their contracts, and they fly away, leaving Ginro as the sole protector of the estate and the Yousuke family. It's discovered that she has the intention of being their protector for the remainder of their lives.

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