Takarabako (タカラバコ) is the opening for Natsume Yuujinchou Go which is the fifth season of the series. It is sung by Sasanomaly.

As you stood smiling,
I, behind you, was hiding my almost crying face.

My bosom was hurting from all the tenderness,
and the days were so lovely and precious.
To the sound of the wind, to the night's darkness, I reminisce about you.
"We will always be together forever." I kept repeating this impossible wish.

With warmth in my hands,
I am now living with bright colors.
I do not want to forget,
as I change the love received from you into my future.
What were we talking about afterwards
right before we parted in the end?
Feeling lonely was somewhat different
from loneliness itself.
Thank you. I was happy that you gave me such precious time.
Our hearts touched in a deep place, leading onto eternity.
The echoes of happiness
are softly pushing me on my back.

The days, on which we won't meet again,
illuminated the dawn of our journey.

Instead of bidding farewell, I will slowly embrace
one after another the things that help define me,
With warmth in my hands,
I am now living with bright colors.
I will not forget.
I'll walk on together with the radiance of the love received from you.

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