Shigure was a young god of fortune, who became an evil spirit after he was captured and imprisoned by a greedy merchant in the past.


A handsome man who looks deceptively young, he wears an old umbrella upon his head, with one eye-slit for vision.

Underneath the old umbrella he has light brown wavy hair that goes down to his neck, red eyes and pale skin.


Shigure is a considerably kind Youkai to humans, but grew to hate them once he was imprisoned by one greedy merchant.

Even so, he does not cause deadly harm to the humans who unintentionally approached him. He mentions that only Reiko and Sasada are not afraid of him being impure.


When he was the god of fortune, he often took a human form to play along with other humans. However, one day he was captured and imprisoned by a greedy merchant in order to bring himself good fortune. During his imprisonment he grew to despise humans and eventually turned into an evil youkai.

He lives in the old school building. In the past he has helped Sasada by returning her precious amulet that she lost. Ever since then she went to the old school building almost every day to look for him so that she could thank him for helping her.



Jun Sasada

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  • His name means "Rain in the late autumn".
  • His name was included in the Yuujinchou.


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