He was the superior to Shuuichi Natori and the responsible of conveying the message to Natori to solve the problem of Mt. Misumi.



He sent a message to meet Natori with a shiki paper. He told to Natori about the higher ups decision to find the god Houzuki, sealed by the ignorant young male exorcist, to prevent the Mt. Misumi from drying up. He also gave Natori a tiny bottle for extra measurement if something bad happens. 

What he secretly implied was to seal the god Fuzuki if Natori fails to locate Houzuki. By sealing Fuzuki, the exorcist community will not have to worry anymore about the persistent problem every 10 ten years. Meaning that if there were no tournament to decide the winners of Mt. Misumi, the Mt. Misumi will stay as it is.



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