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Kanji 二体さま
Romaji Nitai-sama
Air Date April 25, 2017
Episode 66
Adapted From Chapter 74
Opening Song Furōria
Ending Song Kimi no Uta
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Nitai-sama is the sixty-sixth episode of the Natsume Yuujinchou anime. It is the third episode of Natsume Yuujinchou Roku, which is the sixth season of the anime.


At home, Natsume Takashi receives a call from Shibata Katsumi, asking him to visit that weekend. Reluctantly agreeing, Natsume is forced to cancel his day at Tanuma Kaname's temple, and takes him along as well, with Madara tagging along.

Once there, Shibata reveals a spooky story involving an abandoned mansion to the duo. Intrigued, the group decides to visit the said mansion, in order to investigate, on Natsume's insisting, who sees two doll faces staring out from a window.

Madara reveals that Natsume should go back home, and Shibata insists that he also come along since it was because of him that Natsume got involved. The group decides to stay at Tanuma's place for the night (whose father is out on a business trip), so as not to worry the Fujiwaras.

There, Madara reveals that the dolls (youkai called Nitai-sama) would have definitely followed him, because of his strong spiritual ability. The group decides to fend off the Nitai with the help of two protective talismans.

The Nitai break in to the sacred temple, through a window, unable to find any other entrance, and go right after Natsume. Luckily, once the talismans were placed on the dolls' foreheads, Madara was easily able to defeat them, in his true form, with his light.

At the end, Natsume visits Shibata's city again, and two recall the adventure, before Shibata gifts Natsume sweets. Madara accidentally speaks out loud, in front of Shibata, who is shocked to hear a 'cat' speak. The episode ends with Natsume then scolding Madara.

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