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Previous Poll Result: Reaction to Matoba Seiji's Younger Age than Natori Shuuichi

Yes 18.41% votes
No 53.02% votes
Disbelief 28.57% votes
Total votes: 364 votes

Previous Poll Result: Favourite Media for Natsume Yuujinchou Series

Anime 71.59% votes
Manga 28.41% votes
Total votes: 88 votes

Previous Poll Result: Favourite Youkai

Nyanko-sensei / Madara 67.82% votes
Little Fox / Kitsune 16.63% votes
Hinoe 5.52% votes
Misuzu 3.37% votes
Kai 3.98% votes
Tsuyukami 2.68% votes
Total votes: 1,305 votes
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