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This is the Natsume Yuujinchou Wiki's Manual of Style, please do not do any reorganization and cleanup of wikitext on the wiki unless you are fixing things to follow this style guideline.

Section order

  • The beginning section with a general intro.
  • Appearance - Description of the character's appearance.
  • Personality - Information on the character's personality.
  • History - Historical and background information on the character.
  • Plot - The role a character played in the Story
  • Abilities and Weapons - A list of any Technique/Special Ability/Weapons the character can use.
  • Relationships - A Summary of the relationship a character has with another character. NOTE: Only mention characters, with which the main character has had a worthwhile relationship with.
  • Trivia - Trivia items. Organized in list format using * at the start of the line. (No speculation or fan theories please)
  • References - Just the ==References== section with a <references/> tag below it. To collect the <ref></ref> tag info in the page. Individual bits of info should be tagged with specific citation other than just the general sources section.


  • If information is debatable, please take it to the talkpage before implimenting. Note: No speculation or fan theories please
  • We use westernized names. i.e "Takashi Natsume" instead of "Natsume Takashi".
  • Plot Overview: Plot Overview should be written Like ==Plot Overview==, the Main Arc Name like ===Main Arc Name===, and finally the sub arc name like ====Sub Arc====
  • Manga/anime differences.
    • This wiki takes the info of the manga for the anime, so if any information is conflicting, the manga version is canon and therefor correct.
    • When something happened/is seen in the anime that hasn't occured in the manga, always mention that it only appeared in the anime.

Writing style

  • Articles should be written in past-tense, not present or future tense.
  • Articles should be written in an in-universe style, and not refer to the reader or viewer when talking about events.
  • Articles should be independent of any point in the series, it should not be required that pages be update every time a new event happens in the timeline simply because articles were written from the perspective of someone reading on the latest chapter.
    • If you use the word "current" anywhere in a phrase to refer to something, you likely wrote it the wrong way.
    • Do not write article using terms such as "In Chapter" or "In Episode."
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