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The Order of topic's/sub topics, a character page should go by.

Section Order

  • Character Outline - The beginning section with a general intro.
  • Appearance - Description of that character's appearance.
  • Personality - Information on the character's personality.
  • History - Historical and background information on the character.
  • Plot - The role a character played in the Story. This must be divided into different arcs.
  • Abilities and Weapons - A list of any Technique/Special Ability/Weapons the character can use.
  • Relationships - A Summary of the relationship a character has with another character. NOTE: Only mention characters, with which the main character has had a worthwhile relationship with.
  • Appearances in other media - Hidden Novel Series, or any other CANON appearance. Games aren't considered canon.
  • Trivia - Trivia items. Organized in list format using * at the start of the line. (No speculation or fan theories please)
  • References - Just the ==References== section with a <references/> tag below it. To collect the <ref></ref> tag info in the page. Individual bits of info should be tagged with specific citation other than just the general sources section.


  • We use westernized names. i.e "Takashi Natsume" instead of "Natsume Takashi".