Miyoko Aoi is the cousin of Takashi Natsume.


Miyoko had shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes and her hair is still the same style as teenager.


Miyoko was quite a spoiled child as she is the only child in the Aoi's household. When she was younger, she refused to eat while Takashi Natsume was staying with their family. However, her antics did not get reprimanded by her parents.

Furthermore, she was also the daddy-girl type and it was always her father that consoled her whenever she was sad.


Takashi Natsume stayed for a while at their house when they were both younger. Being the only child, Miyoko felt that her parents' attention had been shifted to Natsume.

In responded to this, she started not eating her meal and refused to talk with Natsume. However, after she was consoled by her father, she began to talk with Natsume.

When she asked Natsume about his father, she got mad when Natsume mentioned that his father was very very very nice. She stated that her father was nicer than anyone else in the world.

The night when Natsume failed to return home, prompting the neighbors to help search for him, Miyoko was so mad at Natsume when she saw that her parents have to apologize to the neighbors and she blamed Natsume for bringing trouble to her family.


Miyoko again met with Takashi Natsume when he came to visit, getting the key for his house. She noticed that Natsume seems much calmer than he used to.

However, she changed her mind when seeing Natsume acting strange again. When Natsume rushed out from the house, she chased over him and blaming him again for not changing for the better. She even cried telling that her parents really do cared for Natsume.

Natsume instead told her that she should not worry as he will not take away her family from her, in which Miyoko was stunned after she hears that.

Miyoko Aoi

Miyoko regretting being mean to Natsume.

Later on, in her bedroom by the table, Miyoko remembers that she was rude to Natsume when they were younger and she regretted it.


Takashi Natsume

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  • Her Miyoko means "three" (三) (mi), "world" (世) (yo) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Miyoko's surname Aoi means "blue" (蒼) and "well" (井).


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