Misuzu (三篠) is a recurring character from the series, Natsume's Book of Friends. He is a powerful bull youkai with several followers.


He is extremely large in terms of size, even in comparison with the other giant youkai in the series. Misuzu is a bull ayakashi with black skin and has a horse's head. He wears a lavender coloured kimono while his right ears are pierced with two golden rings whilst the left has been additionally pierced with two small bells. His right hand is that of a bull hoof while his left hand is a human-like hand with two golden bangles.


Misuzu has a condescending personality and tends to look down on both lesser youkai and human beings.

He can also be deceptive at times and tends to have ulterior meaning when he speaks. Despite this, he's very caring towards his followers and his friends. He's willing to go out of his way to protect his followers and help his friends whom Natsume later becomes.


He was defeated by Reiko Natsume and his name had been written into the Book of Friends. Just like the youkai in the Book of Friends, Reiko left the world without summoning Misuzu even once.


Misuzu first appears in Chapter 3 of the manga and quite coincidentally, he also appears within the anime at Episode 3.

Misuzu came to Natsume after hearing that he was willing to return the names of youkai within the Book of Friends. Upon meeting Natsume, Misuzu rudely comments on how Natsume has the same cheeky look as Reiko. Afterwards, he thought that Natsume was in an argument with another human and brashly decided to attack the human in Natsume's stead as a favour in return for his name. Before Misuzu was able to attack the other human, Natsume commanded him to stop. With his name still within the Book of Friends, Misuzu was forced to completely freeze and hence, he fell to the ground after the command.[1]


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