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Mischievous Rain

Mischievous Rain

Kanji 悪戯な雨
Romaji Itazura na Ame
Air Date October 11, 2016
Episode 54
Adapted From Chapter 56
Opening Song Takarabako
Ending Song Akane Sasu
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Mischievous Rain is the fifty-fourth episode of the Natsume Yuujinchou anime. It first aired on October 11, 2016. It is the second episode of Natsume Yuujinchou Go, which is the fifth season of the anime.


While taking a shortcut home from school through the woods, Natsume Takashi and his friends (Kitamoto and Nishimura) are caught in the rain. Nishimura is offered an umbrella by a girl, which he shares with Kitamoto. Natsume, meanwhile, bumps into a youkai, and accidentally takes her towel.

He later encounters the same youkai when she comes to his home, and requests help in looking for a human.

Together, along with Nyanko-Sensei, they set off the next day, when the youkai reveals that the towel belonged to that human and that she met him around fifty years ago.

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