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Lying Eyes

Lying Eyes

Kanji 違える瞳
Romaji Chigaeru Hitomi
Air Date May 2, 2017
Episode 67
Adapted From Chapter 60 & Chapter 61
Opening Song Furōria
Ending Song Kimi no Uta
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Lying Eyes is the sixty-seventh episode of the Natsume Yuujinchou anime. It is the fourth episode of Natsume Yuujinchou Roku, which is the sixth season of the anime.


The episode begins with Natsume Takashi and Madara watching a detective film, at the cinema, featuring Natori Shuuichi, which Madara then coins as humorous. When the duo exits the cinema, they find out that it started raining, and Natsume also senses a familiar presence, which turns out to be a paper doll message related to being at Umaaraizuka at 2:00 pm.

Curious about what it could mean, Natsume decides to visit Umaaraizuka, where he is taken pity on by a girl named Tsukiko, who takes him in to her house, to be given an umbrella.

There, Madara senses a peculiar aura about the house and the duo stays back to investigate. Tsukiko reveals that lately there have been noises coming from the roof, which she requests Natsume to investigate. To his shock, the noises seem to be coming from cursed rocks being thrown on the house by the 'wind', which causes him to fall from the roof, only to be caught by Natori Shuuichi.

Tsukiko reveals that she was the one who had called Natori to investigate, because she is unable to see youkai. It is also mentioned that Tsukiko is actually the daughter Yousuke Takuma, Natori's ex-mentor, who had recently lost his ability to see youkai, and had quit the business of exorcism.

Upon investigating further, Madara finds out that the protective talismans in the house had been placed randomly, and with no logic behind. Natori and Natsume also find out that the figure they assumed to be the maid (Ginro) was actually a youkai, and that Tsukiko was unable to see her.

The episode ends with Natsume being held by a youkai from outside the home, who was trying to get inside from a window.

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