Little Fox (子狐, Kogitsune) is a recurring character from the series, Natsume's Book of Friends.

After having been saved by youkai bullies due to Natsume's help, he became attached to Natsume


In human form, he appears as a youthful boy with shoulder length, brown-blonde hair and has fox ears. He wears a dull-brown kimono.

Regular humans can only see him as a fox, while youkai and those able to see youkai sees him as the human form. However, after consuming a special medicine, he transforms into a human.


As he's still young, he's constantly bullied by other youkai. Due to this, he's scared easily and is considered as a 'crybaby' by many others.

The following year after his first meeting with Natsume, he became stronger, in terms of strength and mentality and is able to defend himself from his bullies.


After he was saved by Natsume, he concluded that Natsume was also alone. He followed Natsume to his home and became disappointed when Natsume was happily having dinner with the Fujiwaras.

Natsume later took him back to Kariba Springs.


He went to see Natsume at the Autumn Banquet. Unaware that his two bullies followed him, they framed him for spilling a pot of food. He was saved by Natori Shuuichi who had been passing by. Natori then instructed Hiiragi to follow and observe the Little Fox.

During the commotion, he lost his bag which contained a special medicine that enabled him to transform into a human. While searching for the bag, he and Hiiragi met with Natsume.

After he had retrieved the bag, he consumed the special medicine and spent the entire night with Natsume and Tanuma. Nyanko-sensei also joined them and they all watched the fireworks together.

A year later, Natsume returned to the Kariba Springs with Shigeru. Little Fox was excited to see Natsume again. The Rock God advised Little Fox to live his own 'time' and to not bother with a human since their 'time' was shorter. Still naive, Little Fox didn't understand what the Rock God meant.

Soon after, Little Fox found out that Natsume was searching for the Oborosou Herb to treat Nyanko-sensei's wound. Determined, he set off to find the herb for Natsume. When the tree with the Oborosou Herb had been struck by lightning, the Rock God sacrificed himself to save Little Fox from getting hurt. Disheartened, Little Fox picked the herbs for Natsume. He was later consoled by Natsume who set out to search for Little Fox.


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