A bird-like youkai that served Mikage as his master after the younger Nanase entrusted him to Mikage.


He is bird-like youkai that had wings on his back. His body color was pink.



He just returned from fishing with his load of hauls when he was almost trapped in the younger Nanase's sealing process of sealing the Evil Youkai. Luckily he managed to escape unharmed. He and the other gossiping youkais mentioned to Nanase's face that she was not as strong as Reiko Natsume was.

Later from the incident, the furious young Nanase caught Kotengu, wanting to know more about Reiko Natsume. Kotengu then brought Nanase to Mikage but he was mistaken for Mikage as Reiko.

When the young Nanase hurried to go back, she entrusted Kotengu to Mikage to take care of him. Ever since then, Kotengu seemed to be always at Mikage's side. He even knew Mikage asked Reiko for an exorcism to himself but was refused.


Many years later, when the seal on the well weakens, Kotengu searched for Reiko to ask for the return of Mikage's name on his behalf. Instead he met with Takashi Natsume and Nyanko-sensei.

Kotengu then left carrying the jade stone that was Mikage's true form.



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