Karikami is a youkai that had the ability to restore old paper back to new ones.


He wore white mask with red lip. His body cloud-like in white.


He is a gentle and understanding youkai. Karikami is usually calm and didn't get angry or annoyed when he lost to Reiko. He even informed her that he had the power to restore the paper with his name on it should it ever get old. Karikami, like most, was a bit baffled when Natsume didn't order him to restore Yobiko's letter. Karikami nevertheless restored the paper in exchange for returning his name. He also holds restored paper with care.


He had a battle with Reiko long time ago. He told Reiko that he could help her to restore back the paper he wrote his name if it ever gets old. Reiko replied that she won't be needing that as she could be a grandmother by then.


He helped Natsume to restore Yobiko's letter in exchange for the return of his name.

Powers & Abilities


As mentioned by Yobiko, Karikami has the power to restore damaged, old paper back into its original, new state. He does this by levitating the paper to him, with his hands he swirls a bright yellow energy around the paper. The energy engulfs the paper turning it into a glowing, yellow energy ball which is then tossed around for a bit by the youkai. Then Karikami clasps his hands onto the energy ball and reveals the restored paper.


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