Kanawa was originally from the Ukihara Village He came to this world with his younger sister after they were attracted with the shrine dance.

However, when they stepped on this world, his younger sister immediately fell ill and eventually died. Kanawa himself was infected by disease that let off deadly miasma.


He was covered by rings all over his body. Some bells trailing from his back.


Despite his ugly appearance, he was actually a kind-hearted youkai. He realized about his body letting off deadly miasma, and was really regretted about it.


During a shrine festival, he and his younger sister was lured into this world with the sound of the shrine festival. However his sister died after stepping into human world. Devastated, he roamed alone finding the way back home.

At the same time, his body was affected by the deadly disease which let off miasma.


He met with Reiko at an abandoned temple where Reiko challenged him to a battle. Kanawa lost to Reiko and gave his name to the Book of Friends. He later went to hibernate at some mountain.

When Tanuma's father, the priest, was absent from the temple, Kanawa came searching for the map of the old temple. He was stabbed by Sagume at the Ukihara village's entrance. The entrance was opened because of his blood. It was said that only the blood of residence from Ukihara Village could open the entrance.

In the end, after Sagume was punished by the entrance guardian, Kanawa finally able to go back home. He offered to Natsume to join him. Natsume refused and told his place at present were his precious place.


Unnamed Sister

Reiko Natsume

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Takashi Natsume

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