Hishigaki (ひしがき) is the first youkai to appear in the Natsume's Book of Friends.


She only have one eyed and long-flowing white hair. She wears white kimono.


She was a gentle and kind-hearted youkai. It was also indicated that before she met Reiko, she was very lonely. However, when Reiko told her that she was now her servant, she anticipated for her call, wanting to be around her again.

When Reiko didn't call and seemingly forgot about her, she felt hurt and even lonelier than before and longed for her name back, the only thing that she had left.


She first met with Reiko Natsume when she took the manju offering at the small shrine. Feeling unsatisfied, she accused but she was shocked when found out that Reiko could see her. Reiko instead recommended the Nanatsuji's bun, which is more delicious than the offered manju.[1]

Reiko then challenged Hishigaki to a battle, saying that she could eat Reiko if she loses. After giving her name to Reiko, she always waited for Reiko at the same spot, during autumn, rainy days and whatever the weather was, but Reiko never even called once.

Feeling even lonelier than before, she became enraged and tried to find Reiko to get her name back.


About fifty years later, she pursued Reiko's grandson, believing him to be Reiko, and demanded her name back.

She started off by violently chasing Takashi, believing he was Reiko.

Takashi, not knowing what she was talking about then, escaped her and the other youkai with her. When Takashi discovered how to return a youkai's name, he found Hishigaki and gave back her name.

Once he cleared up this misunderstanding, he returned Hishigaki's name.[2]


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