Hiiragi (柊) is a recurring character from the series, Natsume's Book of Friends.

She was a youkai that Shuuichi Natori had wanted to exorcise. She became his third shiki. Hiiragi met Natori when he was still a child and because he had shown her kindness, she became very attached to him.


Hiiragi has short pale blonde hair and while her eyes are blue. Her mask has horns and a large eye in the centre.

After her first appearance, her mask had a crack in it due to it breaking when Natori first tried to exorcise her.

Due to Natori's attempt at her exorcism, there was a crack in her mask and it broke afterwards due to his failed attempt.


When Natsume first met Hiiragi, she was rather rude towards him, saying that he should mind his own business and that she won't tell him her name (this might be because she had no name at the time but she still made it sound like Natsume, as a human, shouldn't be asking in the first place) and also got irritated at Natsume when he pulled on her rope.

When she speaks, she says exactly what's on her mind, even if it hurts someone's feelings. While she's often blunt about things, she shows a very loyal connection to Natori, mainly due to his kind act of bandaging up her wounded hand when he was a child.


Hiiragi was taken from her home in the mountains by a priest of some sort and then was tied to a house shed, being ordered to protect it and unable to disobey. As a child, Natori Shuuichi saw that her hand was injured and helped her tie a bandage around the wound.

Years later, Natori was sent to exorcise Hiiragi, not remembering his encounter with her. She was going to allow herself to be killed by Natori's exorcising method but Natsume had recklessly jumped in at the last minute. The attack hit them both but it ended up freeing Hiiragi from her bindings to the home.

Hiiragi decides that she will follow after Natori, despite his attempt to exorcise her, and becomes one of his "shiki", or youkai guard.



Shuuichi Natori

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Takashi Natsume

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She was very straightforward and had trouble understanding Natsume’s behaviour at first. Later on, the two both realized that they were much more similar than they realized which led to her becoming quite fond of Natsume.


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