A gathering of exorcists.

An exorcist is person who can exorcise youkai. Their tasks range from simple investigations to exorcising malevolent youkais.


As stated before, an exorcist’s job is to exorcise malevolent youkai. Their duty is to protect humankind from them. Their views on youkai varies but many consider them to be merely servants. Exorcists have the power to forge contracts with youkai for beneficial reasons or servitude; the latter being that they aid in their work. Contracts can be made by force or mutual agreement both formally and informally.


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Duties and Responsibilities

  • Investigate youkai-related situations.
  • Perform exorcisms/seal malevolent youkais.
  • Conduct follow-ups on sealed youkais.
  • Absolve a contract between master and servant should the original master be unable to.
  • Attend conferences and meetings.
  • Uphold ongoing ceremonies/rituals in place of the original exorcists should the need call for it.
  • Ensure the safety of humankind.
  • Maintain balance and order between the Youkai World and Human World.

Powers and Abilities


Natori's paper dolls.

Each individual has a certain level of power; there are those who wield great power and those with mediocre power. This can be tested by viewing a special kimono called The Spiritual Kimono. When an individual looks at this kimono, what they see determines how strong their power is.


Matoba chanting to instill pain on a uncooperative youkai.

How individuals deal with youkai also depends on their level of power and experience. For instance, Natori’s style involves paper dolls and sealing youkais in a pot. He requires fake glasses in order to see youkai more clearly. Whereas Matoba, who’s a powerful exorcist, uses a bow and arrow to quite literally exterminate a youkai. What is universal is that in order to exorcise, seal, forge a contract, release a youkai or bind, an incantation must be spoken.

There is also a chance that an exorcist can lose their ability to see youkai. Rendering them unable to absolve their contract with their youkai servants. It can also make them defenseless against any youkai who are out for revenge.

Known Clans


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