Chobihige (ちょびひげ) is a recurring character from the series, Natsume's Book of Friends.

He's a youkai with a big head, gazing eyes and his notable moustache.


With an unbalanced body measure, his head is almost as tall as his body. He has large eyes, along with a small moustache. He wears a green kimono.


Though not much was truly known of him, he seems to be strong, not with power but "politically", yet polite.

He likes drinking with the other middle-class youkai. He was seen together with them when they gathered at Natsume's room for a drinking session.


He asked Takashi Natsume to help him stop a human girl, Tooru Taki, from drawing circles all over the ground that allowed humans to see youkai.[1]


Takashi Natsume

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