Chapter 01 is the first chapter for the Natsume's Book of Friends manga series.


Takashi Natsume discovers that he inherited a treasure from his late grandmother, Reiko. Along with it, he meets his self-proclaimed bodyguard, Madara and the two start a new adventure together.


The starting point shows Natsume running away from something (which is later reveal to be a youkai Hishigaki). He encounters Atsushi Kitamoto and Satoru Nishimura, and asks them if there's a nearby shrine. He follows Kitamoto's directions and finds the shrine.

The youkai pins Natsume to a tree but he escapes and makes it to the shrine. In haste, he trips and breaks a rope which turns out to be a protective barrier or seal for a youkai. He releases a powerful youkai (in the form of a fortune cat) which introduces itself as Madara.

With some persuasion, Madara helps Natsume return the name of the youkai following him. He succeeds and returns the name. Natsume promises that Madara can have the Yuujinchou when he dies. From that moment on, Madara becomes Natsume's "bodyguard".

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