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Aokuchinashi was an old shrine god that lived all by herself. Due to her powers, she was harmful both to youkai and humans.

She was helped by Natsume when she dropped her staff.





When she dropped her staff on the road, Natsume quickly came and helped her. Natsume was unaware that she was a youkai until she grabbed him.

Natsume made a promise to meet her the next day. However the impatient Aokuchinashi came to Natsume's room later that night. Natsume managed to pressure her to wait for him the next day.

Aokuchinashi explained to Natsume that she could not find again a youkai that she borrowed a mirror from. Supposedly, the youkai was known to be scary among the other youkais. 

Natsume revealed that the 'youkai' that Aokuchinashi met was actually his late grandmother, Reiko. That was the reason why she couldn't find Reiko again. 


Reiko Natsume

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Takashi Natsume

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  • Her name means "Blue gardenia".