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Gender Male
Hair Colour Dark Blue
Eye Colour Blue
Abilities Can fly
Manga Debut Chapter 68
Anime Debut Episode 71
Voice Actor Daisuke Ono
Keiko Nemoto (Young)
Book of Friends
Listed No
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Aoi is a youkai that has a human appearance who is childhood friends with Kaoru Sonokawa.


Aoi has dark blue hair and blue eyes. He is often seen wearing a school uniform with a white collar shirt with a loose sky blue tie and black pants. From time to time, he can also be seen holding a lollipop.


Aoi can be considered to get flustered easily when it involves Kaoru. For instance, when he had dropped his letter and Natsume had picked it up for him, he had gotten nervous and took it back, saying he hadn't even realised he had dropped it.

He's also rather kind, even to consider the fact that Kaoru was a human and that he was a youkai and that they shouldn't be together or have mutual romantic feelings for one another.

Likewise to a human, he does display signs of selfishness such as finally wanting to let go of Kaoru by seeing her get 'married'. He also is protective such as attempting to cover for Natsume when youkai had attacked Natsume, Madara and himself.


He was in love with Kaoru but was afraid that her being around him was causing her to become alienated from her peers and that it wouldn't be possible for them to live their lives together as they grow at different rates.

He currently trains at Kagomedake under Dotaka-sama to be able to protect the forest. He's originally from Kakei-wayama, a distant mountain in the next city.

He's originally a bird-like youkai that hurt his wing and was abandoned by his flock.


However, he goes back to find her after finding out that she's getting married, only to find that the wedding invitation was just a ruse she made up in order to see him again.


Kaoru Sonokawa

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  • He knows Mathematics as shown when he was able to calculate Kaoru's age.