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Amana is a female youkai that appeared in Episode 42, The Little Ones.


She had long neck and wearing white kimono. Her hair was long and swirling around her head.


It is shown that she has violent outbursts and jumps to conclusion. She is not willing to listen reason.


She went to Natsume's room to ask for her name back. That afternoon, she returned and accused Natsume of stealing her blue-gem ring. She threatened to burn Natsume's house and gave him three days to search for the lost ring.

However, when Natsume recovered the ring from Kemari, she still accused Natsume as the main culprit. She was stopped by the Karu in dragon-form. Afterwards, she is banished by Sensei.

Powers & Abilities

Amana has demonstrated control over her hair, able to constrain and tighten someone. The hair bind is so strong, Natsume had trouble breaking free and nearly suffocated. She can also use a talisman that seals off an ability though it's temporary; this is shot from her mouth.

Although not shown, she can ignite things. She threatened to set Natsume's home on fire should he fail to find her ring.