A World Unbent is the sixtieth episode of the Natsume Yuujinchou anime. It first aired on November 29, 2016. It is the eighth episode of Natsume Yuujinchou Go, which is the fifth season of the anime.


Shuuichi Natori, a high-school sophomore, is written off by many to weird and strange, most notably by his own family, because of his ability to see youkai. The Natoris were once a formidable exorcist family but left the business when children who could see youkai stopped being born. Now, they are a cowardly family who are scared that every small disaster is due to youkai who are after them for revenge. Hence, they blame Shuuichi for all problems to affect their family.

One day, Shuuichi meets another exorcist who has struck misfortune himself. Through him, he is able to attend to attend a meeting of exorcists where he meets Seiji Matoba - the heir to the Matoba clan of exorcists - as well as another, kind, but not so talented, exorcist named Takuma. Takuma introduces Natori to the world of exorcising youkai, and through him, Natori gains a lot of wisdom on the youkai and human world, and how they are related.

Natori continues to visit the meetings regularly until in one particular meeting, he come to know that Takuma was attacked by a three-horned youkai, who targets people who smell like exorcists.

After studying various methods of exorcism, Natori sets out for Umaaraizuka, where the youkai resides, only to meet the young Matoba once more. After arguing a while about their talents and training, the duo decide to meet Takuma for more information.

On a later day, they meet at the same spot, again by coincidence, when they go looking for the youkai. After declining Matoba's request of working together and parting ways, Natori saves two other less talented exorcists from the youkai and uses a method of exorcism on the youkai, but with minimal effect. Matoba, who had also sensed the youkai nearby, then arrives at the scene and kills the youkai with his bow.

Matoba then claims the entire credit (where Natori was the one who had weakened the youkai) and goes on to become the boss of the Matoba clan, leaving a vengeful Natori, who vows to train harder at becoming an exorcist and reclaimimng his family's honour.

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  • This is the first full-length episode that does not feature Takashi Natsume, the lead character, in it.
  • In this episode, Shuuichi Natori is revealed to be elder to Seiji Matoba, much to the disbelief of many fans.


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