A Day That Will Someday Come is the seventy-first episode of the Natsume Yuujinchou anime. It is the eighth episode of Natsume Yuujinchou Roku, which is the sixth season of the anime.


Natsume Takashi is returning from a nearby town when he comes across a strange boy who had dropped a pink envelope which seemed very important to him. After stating his name as Aoi, he requests Natsume to take him to his school, which Natsume reluctantly agrees to. After reaching the school, Aoi asks if Natsume knows of a girl called Kaoru Sonokawa - to which Natsume replies as no. At just that time, Nishimura Satoru walks by and is unable to see Aoi, meaning that Aoi is actually a youkai. He also reveals that the envelope holds a wedding invitation from a childhood friend whom he loved.

Aoi and Natsume go to a park where Aoi states that he is actually a disciple of a prestiged youkai and is training to protect the forest where he lives. The next day, Natsume asks Nishimura if he knows Sonokawa, which he is shocked to hear as she is actually in the same cram school that Nishimura attends. So, Natsume decides to pay her a visit and that is when she reveals that the wedding invitation was just a ruse to trap Aoi, and never let go of him ever again - because she loves him!

Agreeing to that strategy, Natsume decides to take Aoi to the 'wedding' when a group of flying grey youkai attack Natsume, Madara and Aoi. Insisting him to go forward, Natsume reassures Aoi that he and Nyanko-sensei will do away with the flying grey youkai.

Aoi rushes in front of the cathedral, when Sonokawa jumps out from behind him and holds him tightly, and confesses to Aoi about her love. aoi states that he didn't want to be together because he knew that one day, there would be tears. Sonokawa replies that when that day comes, she will push it away.

At the end, Natsume has a talk with Aoi, who gives Natsume limited-time Nanatsuji sweets as a gift from Sonokawa.

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